For faster, assured outcomes that will put your learning into a very practical and outcome-focussed stream we have another learning/doing stream combining coaching and training with hands-on doing.

The fastest and easiest way to bring projects to completion is to get an expert in to do it for you. The downside of this is that you need to know how to choose the right expert, how to supervise their work and when the next project comes along you’ll need to get an expert in again. The alternative is to learn how and why its done, the business and technical implications of achieving your goals and the shortcuts as well as the pitfalls that lay in wait for you. Taking this path with an experience business and technical professional as your coach is an ideal blend of learning, doing and coaching that will

Business owners and managers go straight to the front of the class with our coaching and training programs. You learn…

  • To defining your goal(s)  – what why when
  • To plan how they will be achieved – how, who, when
  • About the business and technology that makes it happen
  • How to put theory into practice
  • To celebrate and build on your success

Instead of framing your activities around a training program, we focus on your specific outcome. You work together one-on-one with a skilled professional who provides you with the relevant background information of business and technology with practical problem solving and implementation sessions.


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