Digital Business Coaching

Personal guidance to help you achieve

Online training is great some but it's not for everyone or every situation. By it's very nature online training is brief and focused, which can leave knowledge gaps that become obstacles to progress. Some people simply learn better when the program is facilitated or coached. Our programs recognise that you might prefer coaching and we offer optional online and 1:1 coaching for all programs.

  • Coaching Guidance

    Assistance in framing views, recognising situations and analysing situations. Assistance in information gathering and evaluation. Assistance in building your approach to problems and solutions and execution of decisions. Assistance in building your knowledge and skills and achieving the goals that you have set for yourself. Ensuring that there are no knowledge gaps or inadvertent uncertainty.
  • Coaching Support

    A hired expert can complete your project fast, but without the overheads of hiring, managing and over sighting the nuances of your project. Training offers an opportunity to skill and inform yourself so that you can confidently manage similar projects again in future. Working through our programs will give you the background with ideal blend of learning and doing. Coaching helps validate your learning and build you confidence in your abilities to do and to manage.
  • Coaching With Focus

    Our 1:1 coaching program is an intensive collaboration with you focused on a specific situation that you want to change. Rather than progressing through a training program and applying new knowledge to your situation we will focus on your situation and draw from many different resources. It”s like having your own expert on call to guide you through the labyrinth of business and marketing technology and processes to reach the success you want.

Who Can Benefit From Coaching?


Anyone just unaware of the impact of digital economy on business, of technology on business and marketing, of marketing communication in the digital age and of changing customer behaviors. Anyone who thinks that technology is not important in their business - whatever that might be.


People who are highly skilled specialists in some particular aspect of business or marketing, who are being asked to start working with digital technology and having difficulty finding the connections and relevance of teh new ways to the old ways.


People who resolutely proclaim that there is no need for the Internet in their business.


Digital marketers who are already engaged in all kinds of online business activities and who want to take their activities to the next level. We're happy to see your success soar using our help.


Coaching Options

Online coaching and 1:1 coaching options are offered on sign up for each program. Coaching is also available at any other time while your training program is active. Prices vary but on average, for online coaching budget for as much again as the program list fee.

Personal 1:1 coaching resources are limited. Please contact us with your requirements for details of availability, coaching process details and costs.

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