Training serves two purposes;

  • To introduce people to information.
  • To show people how to gainfully use that information.

The Digital Business Institute provides training in four main areas;

  • Strategy & Planning – Crystallizing your vision into a pathway.
  • Marketing – Communicating with your buyers
  • Technical – Getting and keeping your tech systems in order.
  • Personal – Developing and maintaining the spark within.

Training is provided with two outcomes in mind;

  • DIY – you will be able to learn and act on your learning yourself.
  • DIY with help – you will learn and act on your learning with peer and expert assistance.

Many people already know what skills they need and are simply looking for a structure learning program that will help them acquire the knowledge they need and show them how to apply it practically. Our online training is self-paced – do it when it suits you, multi-media (text, video, audio, webinar) – because people learn in different ways, peer-group supported – so you can learn from others interested in the the same things and enhanced with  access to expert coaching at any time you need a little personal attention.

Faster outcomes on specific projects are possible with training and coaching programs.

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